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SBDI Webinar and Workshop: Publishing and analyzing biodiversity data from natural history collections

May 30, 2022

We welcome you to a webinar and workshop for SBDI stakeholders presented as the final session of a four-part Spring 2022 webinar series “Digital samling – en utblick” at the NRM!


The first part of the day is a webinar that will end with an open discussion of topics covered on the impact and importance of publishing data from museum collections. The second part of the day is a workshop during which SBDI tools for publishing and analyzing data will be presented with the opportunity for hands-on work with your datasets, either published or earmarked for SBDI publication.


No registration is necessary for the webinar. Participants in the workshop (afternoon session) are asked to contact us ( in order to coordinate hands-on work with your datasets or encourage us to focus on your favorite subtopics in data publication. The intention is to promote a community-oriented approach in troubleshooting workflows and exploring SBDI tools, with the objective of improving stakeholder competence and experience in SBDI data publication.


Programme for the SBDI Webinar and Workshop: 
Publishing and analyzing biodiversity data from natural history collections.

May 30, 2020


Webinar on Publishing Museum Data
Morning session, 10:00-12:00.

“Bio-Dem and the link between political situation, democracy and data mobilization.”
“Why publish museum data?”
“Overview of publishing pathways for museum data.”
“AI identification of specimens in natural history collections”.
“Engaging stakeholders in curating digital collections.”
Open discussion.


Workshop on Publishing Museum Data
Afternoon session, 14:00-16:00.

Metadata and Darwin Core (DwC).
IPT publishing tool overview.
Experiences with data publishing.
Visualizing, analyzing, and downloading museum data using the SBDI.
Breakout groups – hands-on work with datasets.
Concluding discussion.


May 30, 2022