Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure

Driven by scientific opportunity and societal challenges, biodiversity and ecosystems research are developing into big-data sciences, modeling processes that affect entire biotas and predicting system-wide effects of environmental change.

Swedish LifeWatch (SLW) and Biodiversity Atlas Sweden (BAS), including GBIF Sweden, have been the key biodiversity infrastructures in Sweden. They will now merge to become the Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI), a single platform making biodiversity data accessible providing powerful analysis and visualization tools. SBDI is developed in collaboration with the Living Atlases community, and will offer unprecedented opportunities for innovative, interdisciplinary research on biodiversity and ecosystems.

In the future, this web page will become the home and the new website for the Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure. Meanwhile you can find out more and follow the merge process at and

Our SBDI partners are:

Swedish Museum of Natural History, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Linnaeus University, Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, UmeƄ University, University of Gothenburg, Uppsala University

SBDI Principal Investigator Prof. Fredrik Ronquist,

Published: 3 May 2019