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Use your own tools

The SBDI Bioatlas and other SBDI tools have graphical web interfaces that help you search, download and analyze data. But the most powerful features are hidden underneath. Find out more about the features that allow you to integrate SBDI Bioatlas data and services directly into your own computing environment or in your own tools.

R is the most popular tool for statistical analysis and visualization in the biodiversity and ecosystems research community. As an important part of our R support [page below] we offer the sbdi4r2 package, which allows you to conveniently access the Bioatlas from R. Sbdi4r2 also provides access to resources outside SBDI, which are useful in exploring, analyzing and visualizing data on Swedish ecosystems. If you are new to R, we offer training on R and on the R packages for biodiversity research and user support.

A convenient way to take advantage of our R support is to use our online R environment Mirroreum. Mirroreum offers a standardized environment, with all the packages you need for advanced biodiversity and ecosystem research pre-installed. Mirroreum is an excellent resource for teaching and for learning.

The SBDI Bioatlas also offers a rich set of well-documented APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These allow you to access SBDI data and services from any programming language, so that you can develop your own tools for searching, downloading and analyzing SBDI data.