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Acknowledging SBDI and SBDI data providers

Citing is giving credit to other researchers and acknowledging their ideas. In the SBDI context, citations of data providers are important in acknowledging their data collection and data sharing efforts. Citing SBDI itself is critical to maintaining the infrastructure and its services. SBDI provides several tools to help you acknowledge data providers and the infrastructure services.

Access to SBDI data is free for all—but not free of obligations. Under the SBDI Terms of Use, users agree to acknowledge SBDI and SBDI data providers in any published material resulting from use of SBDI data and tools.

Specifically, when SBDI is used in a research project, any resulting paper should acknowledge our main funder, the Swedish Research Council, using a specific phrase in the Acknowledgements section. See our citation guide for details.

All datasets downloaded from SBDI or from GBIF are associated with a CSV file that specifies how to cite the original data providers. If there are too many data citations for the main citation list, put the data citations in an appendix or in supplementary material.

The download page provides a record listing all contributing datasets as well as a snapshot of all search terms, filters and facets used in the search. You can quickly update search results from the download page, and will also see links to any citations once they are picked up in GBIF’s literature tracking program.

All SBDI datasets are associated with a Document Object Identifier (DOI), which can be used for direct citation without downloading data. Some datasets may also be described in data publications, which can be cited.

Good citation practices ensure transparency and reproducibility by guiding others to the original sources of information. They also reward data-publishing institutions and individuals by helping them demonstrate the impact of their work to project stakeholders and funders.