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Share data

Here, we answer questions such as: How do you share data through SBDI? What are the benefits for the research community and for society at large? How can you make it easy for others to acknowledge your data collection efforts? Which institutions and projects provide data to SBDI?

Why share data?

Before sharing data through SBDI, it makes sense to take a step back and ask what the benefits are. They range from support to decision-makers to mechanisms supporting individuals and institutions publishing open biodiversity data. Read more about the benefits of sharing.

How to share data

SBDI provides tools, documentation and support that help you in the data publishing process. Read more about our data publishing support. We discuss current data gaps and go through data requirements and tools for checking data quality. For more detailed information on these topics, check out our documentation on how to publish and share data. Or contact our Support Center directly if you have specific questions.

Our data

We present our data policy and vision, discuss different data types and how to share sensitive data. We also present some of our data providers.