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SBDI data policy and vision

We work with our data providers towards the vision of completely open biodiversity science.

SBDI aims to provide open access data products needed by biodiversity researchers and by policymakers to support conservation and sustainable development. We work together with users in defining state-of-the-art requirements for data products, and with providers in streamlining data delivery and curating source data to the highest possible standard.

SBDI supports open data and open science, that is, transparent and accessible knowledge that is shared and developed through collaborative networks. Specifically, we adhere to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). The “FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship” were published in 2016, and emphasize machine-readability (i.e., the capacity of computational systems to find, access, interoperate, and reuse data with none or minimal human intervention) because humans increasingly rely on computational support and artificial intelligence to deal with the ever increasing data volumes and data complexity. A short summary of the FAIR guidelines is provided at the web site.