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Data publishing tools

A core mission of SBDI is to assist data providers in sharing biodiversity data. We provide several publishing tools designed for different data types and workflows.

SBDI provides several tools to manage, mobilize and publish biodiversity data. The three main tools are the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), the Living Atlases publishing tools, and the Species Observation System (SOS). There are also additional more specialized publishing tools and pipelines for non-standard data, such as molecular biodiversity data, biotelemetry sensor data, and archaeological data.

The data publishing tools are constantly evolving, and it is important to find a workflow that is suited to each data provider and dataset. At our help pages you can get guidance on which publishing tool to choose.

More information about the data publishing tools can be found on our help pages for data publishing and sharing. For specific questions or support with the data publishing process, contact our Support Center.