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SBDI Executive Office

SBDI – Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure – is an e-infrastructure providing data and analysis services that offer rich opportunities for innovative, interdisciplinary research on biodiversity and ecosystems.

The SBDI Executive Office (ExO) manages the daily business of SBDI and coordinates the work in different work groups.

The ExO consists of the SBDI Director, the deputy Director, the Project Coordinator and two Consortium representatives. The Consortium representatives are elected among the SBDI partners on a two year basis. The elected partner representatives are also tasked to lead the SBDI Coordination group, where all partner organizations are represented.

SBDI Executive Office currently consists of:

Margret Steinthorsdottir, SBDI Director, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Holger Dettki, SBDI dept. Director, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Veronika A. Johansson, SBDI Project Coordinator, Swedish Museum of Natural History

Matthias Obst, Chair SBDI Coordination group and Support Office Manager, University of Gothenburg

Lisa Sundqvist, Chair SBDI Coordination group, SMHI