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How to share data

How do I share data through SBDI? Here we give an overview of the support SBDI provides to data publishers. We also list some important things to consider before sharing biodiversity data.

What data are of interest?

All shared biodiversity datasets are valuable and important. However, some data are particularly valuable because it allows sophisticated analyses or because it fills serious data gaps. Read more about what data are of interest.

Data requirements

When you publish biodiversity data through SBDI, you need to follow the community data standards and choose an appropriate data sharing license. Read more about the data requirements.

Data quality and validation

Data providers are responsible for the quality and curation of their data. SBDI provides several tools that help data providers in this work. Read more about data quality and validation.

Data publishing tools

SBDI provides three main data publishing tools, and several other resources that can be used to create a workflow tailored to each data provider and data set. Read a brief overview of the tools or go to a more comprehensive description on our help pages.

More help

More information can be found on our help pages for data publishing and sharing. For specific questions or support with the data publishing process, contact our Support Center.