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Sharing data with GBIF

By sharing data with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), you make it easy for the international research community to discover and access it. This facilitates integrative global analyses of biodiversity and ecosystems. Such analyses allow research breakthroughs and support international policy-making. Facilitating this type of usage is important for most data collection projects.

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an open-data global research infrastructure for sharing biodiversity data. SBDI includes the Swedish GBIF node and, with the permission of the individual data partner, we share all SBDI datasets with GBIF.

By sharing data with GBIF, you vastly increase the number of people who can find and use your data. GBIF assigns each dataset a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which is a unique identifier for the dataset. When datasets are cited in publications, GBIF stores the citation against the DOI and passes this information back to the SBDI Bioatlas. The citations are listed on the dataset pages at GBIF as well as on the SBDI Bioatlas data resource pages. Just search for the dataset to see the citations.

GBIF is widely recognized as the major international repository for biodiversity information. It meets high standards for data access, preservation, resource stability, and suitability for use by all researchers. More information on the qualities of the GBIF repository can be found at and

We encourage all our data partners to share their data with GBIF. There is no extra effort required from the data provider. We provide one common license agreement for publishing data to both SBDI and GBIF. We also use the same or synchronized tools for the publishing process.

More information on sharing data with GBIF can be found on the SBDI help pages.