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Call for data papers to fill gaps on freshwater species

Daphnia galeata Sars, 1864 observed in Russia by Ivan (CC BY-NC 4.0)

To assist efforts to fill gaps in primary biodiversity data on freshwater species, GBIF will sponsor the article processing charges—normally €624—for the first sixteen (16) manuscripts accepted by the Journal of Limnology to describe datasets:

  • with clear research relevance for species inhabiting or dependent on freshwater habitats
  • with more than 5,000 presence records new to
  • with high-quality data and metadata
  • Published EITHER under an open CC0 designation OR a CC BY 4.0 licence

Read more this collaborative effort to mobilize data on species that inhabit or depend on the world’s inland waters.

The deadline for submissions is 22 October 2022.