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Citizens help explore deep-water video recordings

Underwater picture from GobyTrack. The Koster seafloor observatory.

GobyTrack citizen science challenge launched in Koster Seafloor Observatory

We have a new challenge for you, called “GobyTrack”. Here, we need your help to monitor the spread of an invasive fish along the Swedish coastline. In order to achieve this goal we need you to identify fish and crab species in our movies. One of these species is especially interesting – the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus), a small, bottom dwelling fish that causes ecological havoc in Swedish waters. Your identifications will help us to train machine-learning algorithms which will then automatically search the water for this fish in the future. Your data will directly contribute to marine ecological research and ecosystem management in Sweden! How does that sound, interesting? Well, then let’s get started here.