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New update of Plankton Toolbox

Dinoflagellaten Dinophysis odiosa

Plankton Toolbox is now accessible in version 1.4.1, designed for both Windows and MacOS, with dedicated versions for both Intel and M1 processors. The Plankton Toolbox is a free tool for aquatic scientists, and others, working with environmental monitoring related to phyto- and zooplankton.

The latest release incorporates an updated counting module and various minor optimizations for an improved user experience. Data reports now also include AphiaID. Notably, the Nordic Marine Phytoplankton Group (NOMP) 2023 biovolume list has been integrated, comprising data from the The HELCOM Expert Group of Phytoplankton (EG Phyto) 2023 biovolume list and additional taxa sourced from the Skagerrak and the North Sea.

The software and biovolume files can be accessed from

Photo: The dinoflagellate Dinophysis odiosa