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Postdoc/researcher position at Stockholm University

Interested in ecology & biodiversity databases? Temporary employment at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University. Might be interesting for a wide diversity of people, including both PhD and MSc students.

The position will be associated with the Swedish Biodiversity Database Inventory (SBDI; The focus of the position will be on the incorporation of species interactions in the SBDI database, and the utilization of such data in scientific studies. Many ecologists are not only studying biodiversity, but also species interactions. Despite this, species interactions are rarely incorporated into biodiversity databases.

The position involves research that will focus on the incorporation of species interactions into SBDI:

  • Find out what has been done in terms of incorporating species interactions into databases, and what solutions are available for such cases
  • Make data on species interactions a part of the SBDI portal
  • Start to mobilise data across the scientific community and public
  • Focus on one interaction type in particular, mobilise this data, and write a concept or case study paper to be published in a scientific journal

Researchers are appointed primarily for purposes of research and must hold a Swedish doctoral degree, or an equivalent degree from another country.

Please read more and apply here.

Closing date: 22 March 2024.