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SBDI Director appointed

Following a successful recruitment process Margret Steinthorsdottir will be appointed as director of SBDI.

The position covers 50% Managing Director of SBDI and 50% working on objectives in regard to related topics benefitting SBDI and the museum. Margret holds a PhD in Biology and Environmental Science from the University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. She is trained in Geology and Paleontology and is presently employed as a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM) where her project “Research on the role of CO2 in Cenozoic and Mesozoic climate variability using fossil plants” is funded by the Swedish Research Council. She is co-leader of Research theme 3 – Past Climates – of the Bolin Centre for Climate Research (Stockholm University) and has since 2018 organized and led the international research community on Miocene research. She is also Project manager for the SYNTHESYS+ contribution of the museum´s project and thus deeply involved with EU-funded projects administration. We are sure that Margaret will contribute significantly to the success of SBDI, and we welcome her as a leader and a colleague, says Sebastian Kvist, Head of the Research Division at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.