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Submit data from metabarcoding studies to SBDI

The ASV-portal

The SBDI team for genetic biodiversity data has published a paper on the Swedish ASV portal in BMC Bioinformatics. Now you can contribute your own datasets.

The portal is an interface to SBDI records of DNA barcode sequences (Amplicon Sequence Variants; ASVs) and associated species occurrences that derive from high throughput sequencing of environmental (eDNA) samples (metabarcoding). More specifically, it functions as a semi-integrated module of the SBDI Bioatlas, and primarily allows users to search for ASVs and Bioatlas records using the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), or via filters on taxonomy and sequencing details. The portal also enables users to submit their own data, and SBDI warmly welcomes data contributions from the metabarcoding community.

Read more about ASV portal functionality and software architecture in the BMC paper, check out which marker genes we currently support from the portal web page, or get in touch with the genetic biodiversity team (consisting of researchers from KTH, LNU, SU/KI & UU) via the SBDI support page. You can also sign up for the SBDI user workshop – How to publish your metabarcoding data.