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The Integrated Publishing Toolkit

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GBIF Sweden has recently unveiled its test Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), a forward step towards enhancing biodiversity data sharing. This newly deployed tool seamlessly integrates with the GBIF test environment, aiming to facilitate rigorous testing and validation of datasets before their inclusion in the global GBIF network.

The IPT serves as a fundamental platform for data publishers, enabling them to package and publish biodiversity datasets in a standardized format. By providing researchers with a robust mechanism to publish and validate their data, GBIF Sweden seeks to uphold data quality standards and foster greater collaboration within the scientific community. This initiative aligns with GBIF Sweden’s overarching mission to harness the power of biodiversity data for conservation, research, and decision-making.

The Test IPT is now available for exploration and utilization by researchers, trainers and stakeholders interested in contributing to the collective effort of building a comprehensive repository of biodiversity knowledge.

For further information and access to the test IPT, please visit or email