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Mirroreum – R online

Mirroreum is an online R Studio. It provides a standardized environment with all the R packages you need for advanced analysis of SBDI data pre-installed. Mirroreum is an excellent resource for teaching and learning. You can also use Mirroreum to ensure that your research is open and reproducible by others.

What is Mirroreum?

Mirroreum is an online R Studio environment with all R packages you need for sophisticated analysis of SBDI data pre-installed. Importantly, Mirroreum includes our own package sbdi4r2, configured to use data and services from the SBDI platform. Sbdi4r2 also gives access to other resources that are important for analyzing Swedish ecosystems. Beyond sbdi4r2, Mirroreum includes all packages offered by rOpenSci, an initiative focused on providing R packages for open and reproducible research using shared data. Biodiversity research is one of the target areas of rOpenSci, and they offer many powerful tools for SBDI users. Mirroreum also includes a range of useful R packages from other sources. It is easy to import data to Mirroreum from your own local sources or other sources on the web. In Mirroreum, you can perform your own customized analyses or visualizations. Read more about Mirroreum.

What advantages does Mirroreum offer?

Compared to running R Studio on your own machine, Mirroreum may offer more computational resources and a standardized environment where you can rely on all the relevant packages being installed and the configuration parameters being set appropriately.  Mirroreum can also help you adhere to the principles of open and reproducible research.

Mirroreum is an excellent tool for teaching. Avoid the hassle of setting up the R environment separately for each student. Let the students use Mirroreum instead! Mirroreum makes it easy for students to follow along when exploring SBDI functionality, as the documentation is based on Mirroreum. The SBDI Support Center also uses Mirroreum for its teaching and online course materials. When you want to expand your own R skill set, Mirroreum and all the SBDI resources are there to support you.

How do I use Mirroreum?

Using Mirroreum is free but you (and your students) need an SBDI user account to login. Register your own account or a batch of student accounts by contacting the SBDI Support Center. The registration requirement helps us track the usage of Mirroreum, allocate enough resources to it, and raise the funds needed to maintain it.